Dry eye sufferers - could it be a neurotrophic cornea?

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January 25, 2021

We are having great success with a new biologic called OXERVATE - a new RX topical drop used to treat neurotrophic keratitis. Neurotrophic keratitis is caused by damaged corneal nerves - common causes are dry eye, herpes infection, chemical burns, eye injuries, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and after surgical procedures.

The corneal nerves are important in triggering blinking and tear production so that the eyes don't dry out.

Some people don't even feel how dry or damaged their corneas are - because their nerve endings are damaged in neurotrophic keratitis.

OXERVATE is a lab developed form of nerve growth factor, which is thought to encourage faster corneal healing, help grow important cells in the cornea, and alleviate damage to the cornea caused by neurotrophic keratitis.

If you have dry eye symptoms or corneal damage, it might be time to try OXERVATE. This new treatment is covered by the majority of insurance companies (although some require our office to do prior authorization.)


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